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NEW Toyota 86 GT "Limited" (6MT)

86 of extreme popularity is already rental start in Grace that became minor change which was August 1, 2016!
In addition to GT "Limited" of higher grade, it becomes vehicle equipped with scarf of TRD this time. Of course it is manual vehicle.


The room, interior of NEW Toyota 86 GT "Limited" (6MT)

It is made with car which was particular about exclusive design as possible because it is sportscar loved for a long time.
Operability and functionality that we carried out repeated inspection, and it was pursued details maniwatari thoroughly by development stage.

Trunk room where we can store two of large carry and carry-on size carry in plane in easily. When bring sheet back forward; in trunks roux. We secure space that can hold golf back to two sets.

We realize 2+2 sheeter. We secure space of the rear seat knee circumference and balance the rear view and the amount of sheet back that, in addition, are good which can sit down comfortably.

Early the sixth-speed manual. Moment when Gear is engaged in light sporty shift feel is taken in by palm and realizes pleasure to handle in a certain feeling of operation and beck and call.

Toyota X SUBARU. D-4S X horizontal facing engine.
The best allowable number of revolutions is 7,400 rounds a minute. We balance environmental performance appropriate for modern sportscar at the same time while achieving best output 207PS.

We put on TRD high response scarf.


About other standard features apparatuses, accessory

・The navigator, ETC vehicle installation device deployment for Bluetooth

It is equipped with navigator corresponding to Japanese, Korean, Chinese Traditional, English. ETC vehicle installation device is equipped, too. (please bring ETC card)

・TRD high response scarf Ver.R

We wanted you to sense sportscar bodily more and put on TRD scarf.

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