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[to customer who wishes to rent NISSAN 2017 GT-R]

To customer who wishes to rent NISSAN 2017 GT-R

Thank you for your consideration of rental.
Thank you very much for inquiries more than notice of introduction.
It becomes rental start from August 1, 2017 when we kept waiting so long.
Our vehicle sets the following conditions for rental because of large amount special vehicle.

①More than driver's license acquisition ten years of own country
②Only as for the use as for the use on that day up to 12 hours (8:00-20:00)
③Which you can agree to at the time of departure as our vehicle carries device which can grasp the present location with GPS in us
④Payment only as for the credit card payment (as for the rental price 64,800 yen)
⑤NOC (compensation at the time of accident) is as follows in our vehicle.
When run by itself by rent-a-car and is returned to planned store; 100,000 yen
When is not returned to planned store without being able to run by itself by rent-a-car; 300,000 yen ※Customer is responsible for tow truck charges about movement.
⑥It becomes like normal rent-a-car about insurance.


 [excellent driver reduced price 43,200 yen]
※Conditions of excellent driver are as follows
※The 35 years or older gold license holder (foreigner should be the driver's license holder who can drive in 40 years or older Japan)
Other rental conditions become mention mentioned above and the condition.

Then, we rent only to person who can agree to all items.

In addition, receptionist by online reservation does not perform our vehicle.
Please note that it is said all with inquiry by email including spaces of vehicle.
We make a reservation, and please contact us for your inquiries to the following e-mail address.

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