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MINI Cooper S Roadster

It can travel MINI Roadster in an instant in place of the next adventure.

It is not only sound. In both driver's seat and passenger seat, we can enjoy pure roadster feeling.
There is the source to brisk run that is alert and agile, low center of gravity, engine of great torque.


The room, interior of MINI Cooper S Roadster

It is provided with side support and we scold and support body with sheet suitable for sports run.

It is characterized by door knob, design which seems to be MINI in detail including speaker

Trunk capacity: 240 L
We knock over two carry cases, and storing is possible

Engine with newly-designed turbo which improved power and fuel economy is equipped with

We insert disk type key, and engine starts when we push START button

As it can light up classical, stylish room light, the driver's seat side and passenger side individually, it is convenient for confirmation of parking permit


Question common in rental of MINI Cooper S Roadster

Can child seat be attached to MINI COOPER S ROADSTER?

Yes. Installation is possible.
Installation is possible in sheet of passenger seat.

You acquire license, and it is within one year, can you rent?

I am sorry very much,
After the qualification, kashito to that does not pass more than two years is not accepted.


About other standard features apparatuses, accessory

Rent-a-car estimate