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Mazda NEW ROADSTER S Special Package(AT)

Anyone surely finds happiness if we run this car.

Design which attracts in instant when we expressed the essence of soul movement design. Acceleration feeling that is comfortable even if we step from where. How to feel about wind only by convertible. As world-famous lightweight sports, pierce heart; aim at being impressed.


The room, interior of Mazda NEW ROADSTER S Special Package(AT)

Driver's seat space full of feelings live in open mark.

Driver space where interior design has a foreboding in the first of the season just to have sat there down, and makes heart excited

A trunks pace that kept on being particular about shape of compartment. Storing is possibility with two suitcases of size that carry-on in plane of airplane is possible!

ETC vehicle installation device is installed in posterior passenger seat to utilize the room space effectively.

Powerful torque to feel at moment when we stepped on accelerator. With a feeling of comfortable acceleration in response to linear, it turns around smoothly to 7,500rpm of the Top End when we step from there. We put SKYACTIV-G 1.5 that we developed newly for rear-wheel-drive lightweight open sports on roadster. And we realize comfortable engine sound.

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