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There is not evolution without reason
They colored daily life stimulatively, and American sports of open air which attracted envy, Chevrolet Camaro convertible accomplished great evolution with coupe. It is modern and, in form filled with presence, puts the electric soft top whom we can automatically open and close together even at the time of run to 30 miles per an hour (about 48km) and creates refined style. And, by 2.0ℓ direct-injection turbo engines of high efficiency, we can thoroughly enjoy run full of open feeling just as wanted



New interior spectrum writing to color night drive beautifully. We choose color you like from 24 colors and can unify lighting such as dashboard, center console, door panel.

We can operate telephone, transmission and reception, music of message, function such as navigation on touch screen when we tie smartphone of errand to car. Safe operation is possible if we use sound control function such as Siri just to talk.

Bose premium 7 speaker audio system which one of the world's best sound brand Bose company developed newly in conformity to Chevrolet Camaro. You can enjoy sound of high-quality sound in clear.

Original non-contact charge system. Charge is possible just to put cellular phone and mobile device of GM-designated standard to exclusive tray. In addition, it comprises accessory power supply and Universal Serial Bus port to all parts in the car.

Head up display which displays information such as speed and engine number of revolutions, audio system to front window in full color. Information that is necessary for minimum eyes movement while driving is confirmable.

Function that can customize run with one dial to the run situation and preference. We set quantity of steering assist, throttle progression, up to eight items including traction control ideally when we choose mode of "weather" "tour" "sports". We can thoroughly enjoy characteristic different run freely.


Question common in rental of ALL NEW CHEVROLET 2018CAMARO CONVERTIBLE

①Is there condition to rent?

Yes, there is. Rental conditions are as follows.
※More than qualification five years (foreigner should be 25 years or older)
※Payment only as for the credit card payment
※NOC (compensation at the time of accident) is as follows in our vehicle.
 When run by itself by rent-a-car and is returned to planned store; 50,000 yen
 When is not returned to planned store without being able to run by itself by rent-a-car; 100,000 yen
 Customer is responsible for tow truck charges.
Then, we rent only to person who can agree to all items.

Rent-a-car estimate