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  • We leave by Mini Cooper
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You used rent-a-car in Grace Okinawa
We will introduce "impression of customer".


You come from this
The rent-a-car use day: 2018.07.27
After all, mini is the best.

Okada family which used GRACE on seeing image of Mini Cooper of GRACEOKINAWA official site publication.
Trip to the third Okinawa ♪ We just parted with mini of privately-owned car, but felt like getting on by this rental again.
It became the best memory of this Okinawa trip that family photograph came out backed by mini and the sea in Kori Island. We had impression in this.

Thank you for your patronage Okada.
We look forward to all the GRACEOKINAWA staff, next visit.

Voice of customer who used so far

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The rent-a-car use day: 2016.07.09
Kawano using Mazda ROADSTER S Special Package(6M/T)
wakuwaku does not stop!

Cloudy sky that some influence of typhoon No.1 stay. It was Kawano as it was uneasy with "... that how about if rainy", but weather is restored and is ideal day for perfect convertible! On the contrary, we advised saying "do not forget anti-sunburn measure" and left. (^^)/ which was very close nice couple

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The rent-a-car use day: 2016.06.30
Sea bass-like family using MINI COOPER SD CROSSOVER R60 horsefly salt black
It is wakuwaku ヽ (^o^) * before departure

It was left by crossover to match matching T shatsuko-de!
Wonderful smile nihokkoridesu (*^_^*) of sea bass-like family
The family layer increases recently!
How about running crossover by family vacation in this summer?

You come from this
The rent-a-car use day: 2016.04.19
K using MINI COOPER S 3DOOR (F56) Bray gin grid
It is tension MAX by costume play shooting of "gakkougurashi"!

K which was able to come to Okinawa only for costume play shooting of "gakkougurashi" this time. You used 3DOOR of red same as heroine who appeared in real animation! When we wore the same costume by same car and wanted to photograph, red 3DOOR seems to have been looked for in the same grade among Japan! Our staff Hirata was nail charge account for K, too ((^^)/ looking forward to ^^ ♪ K-like next visit

You come from this
The rent-a-car use day: 2016.03.10
OH YEONWOO using ROADSTER S Special Package(AT) Seoul Red premium metallic
It is the next offing for the purpose of getting into runabout!

OH YEONWOO coming from Korea.
We came, and it seemed to be gone high for the purpose of getting into what runabout this time by Korea. It seems to be assumed that we purchase roadster in Korea 4 million or more! Hybrid of V37 skyline seems to be owned with born Japanese car fan in Korea! We belong to club team of Japanese car, and, as for the friend, most seem to get into Japanese car. Customers of foreign countries for the purpose of getting on rent-a-car of Japanese car like OH in (^^)/ these days when we seemed to want to do one lap of Okinawa for three days and were enthusiastic and were left increased! It is story that we are very thankful for!

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The rent-a-car use day: 2016.02.25
Family of Ohara using MINI COOPER S 3DOOR (F56) Bray gin grid
We are excited at red 3DOOR very much!

"Anyway, saying is pretty!"; is Ohara of tension MAX with mini in front. Child rents child seat small. Mini was added and was able to enjoy different Okinawa trips! (^^)/ which was family of Ohara that smile was very wonderful

You come from this
The rent-a-car use day: 2016.01.27
It is love at first sight (^_-)- to Camaro of rally yellow☆

"Overcharged at site moment one when we saw and did!" Saying "is one to be able to get on only in Okinawa"; Ito of great great admiration! We could help with the making of memory of Okinawa, and we became glad, too! (^^)/ which was two people whom Camaro suited well