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It deals with personal information of customer carefully

About information about privacy policy that homepage is used

In GRACE OKINAWA, customer is run as service that application for rent-a-car is available for anytime 365 days for 24 hours.
When our homepage is used, customer subscribes and, by online reservation, option of customers such as inquiries and service to use voluntarily, may ask about personal information of customer.

As for the information to ask about, personal information of customer who is necessary when we provide the name, e-mail address, phone number of customer, information about service of GRACE OKINAWA including address becomes important.
In addition, for the purpose of service offers hoped for of customer, we may ask other question, but you become selectable, and this can answer for option of customer except minimum item.
In addition, GRACE OKINAWA may not modify information that we asked about without agreement of customer.

Please note that you may notify third party of information that you asked about by type of service of our homepage.
(e.g., in the case of rent-a-car reservation, case to tell hotels of accommodations about the name of customer is this)

GRACE OKINAWA takes necessary measures to follow privacy policy accessed in our homepage as far as it is rational.
Depending on service of our homepage, I may receive highly confidential information (e.g., numbers of credit card) from customer, but try for protection of information by method such as encrypting information on this occasion.

GRACE OKINAWA may revise the above-mentioned policy. In that case, we will notify of all revision on this homepage.

About means of communication

By online reservation service of GRACE OKINAWA, we protect personal information by system called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
Manipulation of wiretapping and information pretends to be, and we have equal no danger in information transmitted and received using the Internet. However, we protect from these threats when we use SSL and can transmit and receive information safely.

SSL protects communication between customer and our server by cross-certification that assumed digital signature and coding communication adoption and can keep secret of personal information.
All personal information including the name and credit number is included in this information, and information that customer receives is protected.

We can change information safely because we use digital signature accepted from Japanese cloth trust in the case of us.


The use of our homepage shall be carried out in the responsibility of customer voluntarily.

About every damage that arose from our homepage and other homepages where link is set in our homepage by the use of acquired various information, GRACE OKINAWA does not take responsibility for all.

Governing law

Our homepage is under management of GRACE OKINAWA.

Our homepage can access from countries of the different whole world of law, but shall agree to customer accessed in our homepage and both of GRACE OKINAWA being put under restraint for law of Japan about the use of our homepage regardless of difference of law principle to suffer from.

In addition, GRACE OKINAWA does not perform description and indication whether content of our homepage is appropriate at all in the environment of customer on our homepage.
It is said that access to our homepage is thing by free will of customer, and there shall be responsibility about the use of our page to customer.


Please contact us for your inquiries about privacy policy of GRACE OKINAWA at the following.

Naha premium lounge: 098-859-9014
Business hours 8:00-19:00