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Rich acceleration of clean diesel. Free and easy Mazda design more than frames of category.

Car which aimed at not pursuing specifications or number, and questioning anything in zero base with essential value that person found to car, and stimulating sensitivity of customer in thing along sense of person thoroughly. Please feel charm of "CX-3" which Mazda suggests.


The room, interior of Mazda CX-3 XD PROACTVE

We promote research and development about run safety enabling comfortable, smooth driving. We built up "heads up body Pitt" who could concentrate on driving safely while giving priority to run safety over all, and treating much information.

It is setting in position that took down the left hand which held steering to be able to handle without looking at hand naturally. It was easy to use in simple and had button placement that was easy to learn function.

We do not hand over function to support lifestyle which is particular about comfort while carrying through being radical mark, stylish thing. We made usability that we could realize that the firm thought could not express with simple number form.

Sheet that all was designed in the driver center. It is designed to fit driver of every build.

We make mechanism from engine to tire and are crowded with sky active technology which polished up basics from zero that accelerator divergence steps, and a feeling of acceleration that is as good as driver expected is provided depending on speed, and to maintain vehicle speed smoothly.

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