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At the time of compensation system emergency of Grace Okinawa of relief
Information for compensation, support contents

The amount of insurance compensation
The insurance is paid in the range of limit.
ObjectCompensation contentsCustomer burden
Anti-personOne person: Unlimited (we include compulsory automobile liability insurance) 
Object1 accident: Having no restrictionsImmunity from responsibility: 50,000 yen
Vehicle1 accident: The current priceImmunity from responsibility: 50,000 yen
Personal injuryFor one person to 30 million yen※ 

※Loss ratio more than immunity from responsibility amount of money of insurance and the paid insurances of customer burden.
※In the case of accident to correspond to disclaimers of insurance contract, the insurance is not paid. Again of accident proof of the police when there is not, the insurance may not be paid.

Immunity from responsibility compensation system
The amount of immunity from responsibility of the customer burden mentioned above is exempted from by participation.
SystemCompensation contentsParticipation rate
Immunity from responsibility compensationAgainst thing, amount of vehicle maximum immunity from responsibility 100,000 yen is exempted1,500 yen + consumption tax/1st

※It is not included in rental fee. It becomes any participation on participation.

We cannot cover in immunity from responsibility compensation system
"Outside product which is targeted for insurance"
  • Flat repair
  • Loss of key
  • Hubcap damage, loss
  • Car navigation system theft, damage
Non-operation charge (NOC)
Please bear amount of money (tax exemption) following as a part of business compensation of vehicles during repair period regardless of the damage degree and repair period by any chance when accident is caused, and repair of vehicle is necessary. Burden rate of rent-a-car is self-propellable, or change with impossibility.
  • When it runs by itself by 20,000 yen rent-a-car and is repaid in planned store
  • When it is not repaid in planned store without being able to run by itself by 50,000 yen rent-a-car
  • When even if 50,000 yen is drivable, it is not repaid in store (road leaving)
Reliable full support system
With "outside product targeted for insurance" which we cannot cover in immunity from responsibility compensation system by reliable full support participation
We guarantee payment of non-operation charge (NOC).
SystemCompensation contentsParticipation rate
Light car classWe compensate for outside product targeted for insurance
We compensate for non-operation charge
550 yen (tax-included)/24 hours
Vehicle except light car classWe compensate for outside product targeted for insurance
We compensate for non-operation charge
1,650 yen (tax-included)/1st

By participation of this system, it becomes usually out of insurance object other than the compensation (NOC) exemption at the time of accident mentioned above
The following items become a target of compensation.
◆Flat repair and the tire price for tire
◆Loss, damage of hubcap
◆Sheet by tobacco burns; hole (include dirt in the car)
◆Loss (the spare making price) of key
◆Damage of outside antenna
◆Brake damage by parking brake cancellation lapse of memory
※The wrecker price accompanied with movement for accident vehicle and expense accompanied with business trip road service of customer burden.
※As for the participation to reliable full support system, participation to immunity from responsibility compensation system becomes condition.